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what is dns?
Dynamic Name Server, it's like a phonebook for the internet.
if you request a site, eg: "google.be", your system will ask your DNS server who owns that name and then visit that system.

so what does this filter do?
when you request a blocked website, eg:"facebook.com", the DNS will not respond with the real adress but with it's own landing page
when you request any other website, it will simply provide the adress as usual.
in effect this blocks access to the blocked sites, some might not load at all, other will give the landing page.

what does this filter NOT do?
this filter only applies to the DNS level, when you are searching trough the phonebook.
it does NOT talk to other servers, gives you the adress and from that point it's between you and the target website.
this means this DNS server does not ask for any data you might send, it does not listen in on your traffic, it can't, it's a phonebook.

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